Rules for admission to MI AF KR

Why I choose the profession of an officer

Training at the Military Institute provides:
1. Free four-year education with a diploma of higher education and qualifications;
2.Preparation of a driver’s license and qualification of a class specialist;
3. Full government support that includes:
– provision of uniforms and clothing;
– Three meals a day according to the norms of combined arms rations;
– provision of cash allowance for the entire period of study;
– full medical support during and after the training;
– the provision of winter leave for 14 days and summer leave for 30 days.
4. 100% employment of graduates.
For cadets who are doing well and excellent, incentive trips are organized to Germany, Turkey and India.

List of specialties

The Military Institute of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic named after the Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant-General K. Usenbekov, is the state educational organization of the higher military professional education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Military Institute, fulfills the state order in the training of officers for the Armed Forces and other military formations of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Professional direction of study: academic degree “Bachelor” .-
The Military Institute of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic provides training for officers with higher education for the following departments of the Kyrgyz Republic:

  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • State Committee for Defense Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • The State Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • Department of Protection and escorting the GSIN KR

Rules of admission

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic can be admitted to the Military Institute on a competitive basis from among civilians, conscripts, contract servicemen in posts of rank and file sergeants, who have full secondary general or secondary vocational education, and incomplete higher education (hereinafter referred to as candidates). The terms of the competition must ensure that candidates who meet the requirements of military professional activity are enrolled for the study, the most capable and prepared for the development of military educational programs. Persons who reached the age of 17 years of age and are not older than 21 years (for citizens who have passed military service and military personnel held in military service until they reach the age of admission of the age of 24 years) are admitted to the competition.

Military servicemen who take up military service on conscription and contract, pupils of educational organizations with additional military training programs have the pre-emption right to enter the Military Institute if they have equal test results and additional tests with other candidates.

The selection of candidates for the Military Institute is carried out through a comprehensive evaluation of the personality of each candidate and is conducted in the following areas:
– Moral, business, psychological qualities, military-professional orientation (professional selection);
– general education (results of nationwide testing and additional exams in mathematics and history of the Fatherland);
– physical preparedness;
– health status.

Order of enrollment

In case of equality of ORT results and additional examinations, the candidate with the best results of professional selection and physical readiness is given preference in the enrollment.
The basis of the decision on the advisability of enrolling a candidate for the Military Institute by the admission committee is the decision of the credentials committee, taking into account the integrated approach to all indicators of professional selection. At the same time, the moral and business qualities of the candidate, his state of health and his military-professional orientation are taken into account with equal importance.
Enrollment is made by the order of the chairman of the State Committee for Defense Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. In accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the General Military Obligation of Citizens of the KR, on Military and Alternative Services,” candidates enrolled in the Military Institute sign a contract (military personnel – a new contract).
Cadets who refused to conclude a contract for military service are subject to deduction. At the same time, a cadet expelled from a military institute for underachieving, lack of discipline and other negative reasons or on his own initiative is obliged to reimburse the state budget funds spent for his training.

Where to apply to the Military Institute of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic?

Preliminary selection of candidates from the number of citizens who have passed and not passed military service is carried out by military commissariats, and from the number of servicemen – commanders of military formations, units and chiefs of institutions.
Personal cases are drawn up:
– for soldiers in military formations, units and institutions at the place of service;
– for graduates of the KNVL in the KNVL;
– for citizens in military commissariats at the place of residence.

Additional information for applicants

All-republic testing and additional tests are conducted under general secondary education programs.
The presence of the ORT certificate is mandatory, it is the guarantor for obtaining higher military education in the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic on a budgetary basis.

Procedure for conducting medical examination
The medical examination is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on Medical Examination in the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the Approval of the Regulations on Medical Examination in the Armed Forces of the KR, other military formations and state bodies of the KR in which the law provides for military service (for peaceful and military time) »of December 18, 2009 N 771.
A candidate who is declared eligible for admission to military educational institutions for health reasons is allowed to continue passing the examinations.

The order of assessment of physical fitness
The physical fitness check is conducted on the basis of the Manual on Physical Training and Sports in the Ministry of Defense of the Kyrgyz Republic (NFP-2013), which was put into effect by the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Kyrgyz Republic of July 29, 2013, No. 243.
A candidate who successfully passed the standards for physical training is allowed to continue passing the exams.

The procedure for the professional selection of candidates
The assessment of the military-professional orientation and individual psychological qualities is carried out in order to identify the candidates specific personal qualities and individual characteristics necessary for successful training in the Military Institute, mastering the chosen military specialty and effectively applying the acquired knowledge in military professional activity.

Training of military personnel is carried out in the following specialties:
– Command and tactical motorized rifle troops;
Border activities.

At the end of the institute, the graduate is given the military rank “lieutenant” and the academic degree “Bachelor”.

The term of study is 4 years.

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